Water Sports

In the crystal clear waters of Gouves and Hersonissos, guests can enjoy more than just the sun and surf. These wonderful beaches provide, among other things, the appropriate water sports infrastructure. Professionals and beginners who want to test their strengths, limits and spend enjoyable hours can be accomodated. Guests can enjoy water skiing, canoe-kayaking, scuba diving, wind surfing and various other water games such as pedalo, ring or banana.

If you already have the equipment and you are familiar with the sea, you can simply choose the beach that suits you and suit yourself! Due to the summer winds that blow on the northern beaches of the island, there are many suitable beaches for surfing which are easy to discover. If you are a beginner there are many organized businesses with professionals who provide the right equipment for any water game or sport. Apart from the water sports, the exceptional water parks, Water City and Aqua Plus, are located in Anopoli and Hersonissos respectively. Water City is the largest water park in Europe and attracts a huge amount of fans of all ages from all over the world who want to have fun.